Services | Project finance

Lawyers of Laseta Partners have advised on, structured and participated in the implementation of a variety of project finance transactions in Russia with particular emphasis on the projects performed on the public private partnership (PPP) basis.  Besides, our legal professionals assisted with the drafting of laws on infrastructural bonds, venture investments, enactments governing PPP deals in the power energy sector and infrastructural projects sponsored by a constituent entity of Russia.  Also, our specialists have taken part in a global project for the formation of an international database intended for banking institutions and financing entities, which contains high-level description of national laws of numerous jurisdictions as to the form of collateral used for securing projects-oriented financing and practical aspects connected with the perfection and enforcement of security.

Regulatory framework applicable to project finance schemes is subjected to frequent changes and thus requires permanent check of the corresponding developments in law, their analysis and interpretation.  We do appreciate the need of our clients to have available updated information on the legislation in effect and on the law-enforcement practice and we therefore regularly monitor any revisions to the laws and regulations and any relevant court awards or official interpretations and notify our clientele about them. 

A number of project finance transactions our lawyers worked on were first of their kind and could be implemented only through the elaboration of unique structures that our specialists managed to offer and subsequently took active part in their successful performance.  Respectively, we would be happy to suggest our exclusive solutions for your projects including proposals as how to ensure the legality and enforceability of the whole structure in a long-term perspective, provide or obtain the effective security of the investments and attain appropriate risk-sharing among parties to the deal.